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  • August 10, 2020
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Summer Safety Pet Tips

Summer Safety Pet Tips

Pet Assure cat enjoying the summer.

Fun in the Sun Tips for your Pets!

Imagine how you would feel outside on a hot, summer day wearing a fut coat. That’s how most pets feel. It’s important to allow our furry friends fun in the sun, but also keep them safe. Here are some tips to practice all summer long:

  1. Provide your pet with lots of shade and water when outside.
  2. Listen to your pet, if she’s heavily panting, it’s time to go inside.
  3. Limit the amount of exercise taking place outside.
  4. Use tick and mosquito protection always!
  5. Keep paws away from dark surfaces like blacktop that can become painfully hot.
  6. If your pet enjoys the water, invest in a plastic kiddie pool for the summer
  7. Try to schedule walks when it is cooler outside (early morning and evenings are best)
  8. Depending on your dog, short hair or shaving might help with the heat
  9. and most importantly…NEVER EVER EVER leave your dog in the car. Even if the temperature does not seem unbearable, a car will heat up much faster.

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