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  • March 28, 2018
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Fun Pet Care Tips You May Not Know

Fun Pet Care Tips You May Not Know

Photo by Sophia Charlotte / CC-BY-NC-ND

Pets cost you a lot – time, attention, money, etc. Pet owners want to keep their pets happy and healthy – keeping the costs low at the same time. How do you achieve such an ambitious goal? The Internet, of course! We’ve compiled some fun pet care tips you may not know from various places online. Enjoy!

Training Tips

Training a pet is hard stuff! Have you thought of ideas to make the process easier? Check out these two below:

  • Dogs – To train your dog to communicate the need to go outside without all of the barking or scratching, hang a bell or two on the doorknob. The first few times you call them to go outside, ring the bell. Eventually, they will figure out that the bell means the door is opening, and then they should pick up the habit of ringing it to alert you.
  • Cats – Is your cat all over the place? If you have an adventurous feline, attempting to train them what is and is not off limits is difficult. Try using double-sided tape on the furniture and surfaces you don’t want them on. Cats hate the stickiness of tape and will most likely avoid that furniture. Once they’re trained, you can remove the tape.

Restroom Tips

  • Pet Care Tips for Dogs and Cats

    Photo by Matthew / CC-BY

    Dogs – When you have a dog, it can be hard to keep your lawn looking nice. To improve the state of your yard, try applying lime or gypsum to the less-green sections. This will neutralize the acid in the soil. Also, remember to water your yard heavily every week for great results.

  • Cats – Most cat owners would agree that cleaning out the litter box is the worst. A great way to make it simple is to keep a liner or trash bag in the litter box, and all you have to do is tie it up and take it out.

Fun Pet Shelters

Just like you loved forts when you were little, your pet loves them, too! Take a look at these easy and fun shelters you can make for them.

  • Dogs – If your dog hangs out primarily outside, you probably have a doghouse of some sort. If you don’t, you may not have bought one because of the expensive price tag. Here, we have a compromise. Buy a plastic bin and a regular dog’s bed (make sure the dog bed can fit snuggly into the bin before you buy them). Flip the bin upside down over the bed, then cut a square out from a side as an entrance for your pet. You just made a cheap and effective doghouse!
  • Cats – Create a fun (and adorable) mini tent for your kitty with old t-shirts and hangers. Get step by step directions, here.

Eating Habits

Does your pet eat too quickly? If they do, they probably have trouble keeping their food down. Take a look at these tips.

  • Dog – To keep your dog from inhaling its food, place a tennis ball in the bowl. They will have to move the ball around to get more food, helping them eat slower.
  • Cat – For a cat, simply feed them from a shallower bowl or plate. This will make them eat at a slower pace and be less likely to vomit.


Sometimes, we can’t give all of our attention to our beloved pets. To keep them entertained when you are too busy to play, follow these tips.

  • Dogs – Take a few of their favorite toys and freeze them in a large container of water. They’ll spend a while licking and playing all by themselves.
  • Cats – Similar to the ice, take some of their most treasured items and a few treats. Place them in a Tupperware container with 3 smaller holes cut out of the lid. Your cat will spend hours playing with this, attempting to paw out the toys and treats.

Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets have been known to have many more purposes than just making your clothes smell nice. Take a look at how you can use them for your pet!

  • Dogs – Some dogs are very sensitive to storms. Usually, their anxiety comes from the static electricity in the air. To help them calm down, rub some dryer sheets on your dog, and place some on their head.
  • Cats – It’s not myth that cats shed – endlessly. But, one way that you could have less hair on you and your clothing is to rub dryer sheets on your clothes, or throw them in the dryer with the sheets for a few minutes.

Water Bowls

If you take your pet on walks often, how do you keep them hydrated? One option is to throw a few shower caps in your purse as a portable water bowl. Simply fill the cap with water and hold it for your pet as they drink.

If you’re into DIY, check out how to make this refillable water bowl for maximum hydration (and bragging rights if you choose to make it yourself).

No Hair, No Worries

Give Your Pet a Bath Pet Care Tips

Photo by Vicki DeLoach / CC-BY-NC-ND

Have you ever really needed to give your pet a bath but worried about all the fur clogging up the drain? We have a solution! Stick a mesh pad by the drain when you bathe them. The hair will naturally cling to it, keeping your drain as good as new.

Whether you have a cat or dog, you may feel like you are constantly finding and cleaning hair off of everything. If you use a rubber kitchen glove, the hair will easily pick up by attaching to the glove as you swipe your hand over furniture or surfaces.

Take a look at this article for more ways to get rid of animal fur around your house.

In Conclusion

We hope you – and your pet – can enjoy and use these fun tips! Let us know if you try any of them.

What are some of your favorite life-hacks for living with a pet? Tell us in the comments, below!

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